Juvenile Surveillance

Kids behind the projection screen temporary installed at the porch.

I seem to be the new 'THING' in town these days.
Every time I enter the apartment I find myself confronted with a series of questions posed from the kids in Auriollan.

Hey meneer!
Are you people?
What is je naam?
Are you an Englishman?
Waar woon je?
Are you leaving?

Yesterday one of them offered to carry my suitcase inside the main entrance. Well... he didn't actually offer...he just grabbed it, but i guess it's all a matter of perspective.
I asked him 'oh! you wanna carry my suitcase inside? super bedank man!'
He shook his head and walked with it to the main hall.

Most of the streets in Kanaleneiland are equipped with surveillance cameras and surveillance kids.

I could debate for hours about the 'effectiveness' of street cameras.
To my opinion is one of those 'problems posing as solutions'.
Not that I am all about solutions.
Not at all as a matter of fact!
But I consider observing and talking with neighborhood kids to be a far more vibrant source of acquiring information.
Let's be honest here.
I am not seeking for A fact but multiple versions of A fact.
I am interested in what I would call 'products of subjective surveillance'.
I just need to work on what to do with them afterwards.
How's that for an artist statement!
Is this clear enough? I certainly doubt it!

-Hey meneer!
-It's Nikos.
-Are you people?