Vintage Mercedes

The broad lanes and roads of Kanaleneiland are designed for cars. The idea in the sixties was that it would be very convenient to make the neighborhood easy accessible, so that the residents could move quickly to other parts of the city and the highway. There was even a plan for a heli platform - the private transport of the future.
This focus on cars makes the neighborhood not very pedestrian friendly. Nowadays there are a lot of speed bumps and other measures to prevent the traffic from speeding. But the car remains an important object, and especially the Mercedes - a car that offers pride and status to its owner. Many of these Mercedeses are vintage, very old models, but well kept. The age of these cars offers many advantages - they are affordable, easy to repair and you have to pay less taxes. These cars can be used to bring a whole family to Morocco or Turkey.

Bureau Venhuizen organized a city safari in these cars to show outsiders the qualities of Kanaleneiland.