Kanaleneiland, Utrecht was officially put on the map due “40 districts of Vogelaar”, a list of 40 Dutch problem areas composed/launched in March 2007 by Ella Vogelaar, Minister (at that time) of Housing, Communities and Integration.
In early 2011 and while gentrification forces had already been implemented in the top-down planning of the future of the area, Expodium realized locatie:KANALENEILAND, a long term project aiming to broaden insights in the role art can play in Kanaleneiland and its development.

Locatie:KANALENEILAND’s physical space is located in an apartment at the Auriollaan and is set to function as a roof for a series of activities organized by invited artists, neighborhood initiatives and organizations. The apartment is part of a block of eight flats that is set to be demolished in order to make way for new buildings.

By putting the apartment at the Auriollaan into use, Expodium commences a project that constitutes itself as a creative agent and critical voice within gentrification processes carried out in the area. Locatie: KANALENEILAND is set to run at least till summer 2013.

Expodium invites artists to commit to a long term research program to the location.
Their research is not necessarily restricted to one specific time frame, but through a series of visits, each artist is expected to explore in-situ every day encounters, instigate dialogues, give value to the process and work towards an open presentation/intervention in the Kanaleneiland area.
During each visiting period, Expodium provides each artist with the possibility to host events and discussion platforms, providing the locals and the general public with an insight on his/her practice, findings and plans.

In addition Expodium initiates SNEAK-WEEK - a mode for obtaining a first impression of Kanaleneiland.
Expodium offers the opportunity for artist to visit the residence at Auriollaan for a period of one week. Artists are then invited to discuss their impressions with the Expodium team and consider the continuation of their research as an participating artist in the Kanaleneiland program.

All artists visiting Auriollaan apartment are expected to contribute to locatie:KANALENEILAND’s web archive.
Written observations, photo and video documentations, reflecting texts, links and references will be accumulated in an unofficial informative platform, serving all parties involved.