One of the first things that really struck me was the presence of a wide variety of playgrounds and public benches in Kanaleneiland. The apartment blocks are built in squares and in the middle of them there is often a small play ground. These playgrounds are furnished with iron structures, modules to sit on and often swings.

This is the playground in front of the expodium apartment. The main object is a red iron structure on a black square. Behind it are five round cylinders in a circle and black and white patterns in the tiles on the ground. What do these forms propose? The cylinders seem to be perfect for a group discussion.
I wonder what the ideals and the educational goals the designers of these playgrounds pursued. And how these designs may conflict with the reality.
From 2007-2009 the municipality issued a ban on gathering in Kanaleneiland-Noord to overcome problems with the youth of the neighborhood. This must have been a surrealistic situation - a lot of public benches on which it is prohibited to sit with more than two people.

Are these 'benches' really meant to sit on?

Is this vandalism or an act of resistance to the planning of public space?

The Expodium porch functions as a public/private playground.