Night alone at Auriollaan

No SNEAK WEEK for me.
I am here with Joao Evangelista to work on our Translation Station #4.
We have been working for more than a year on translating our experiences from Detroit and now we are here occupying the apartment at Kanaleneiland  to reflect on the transitional state of the area and bring in front strategies and encoded ideas we have obtained from our visit to the US of A.
Our practice is set to conclude in a performance/intervention in mid October.

Night view from the living-room

Third night at the Auriollaan and I am trying to grasp the vibe of the neighborhood.I stayed up till 03.00 observing the street from the living room window and registering sounds from outside and the apartments surrounding mine.
Someone is messing up with the porch Expodium has built at the ground floor. I am hoping to pick up some a weird activity down there and catch the buddy on action.
No luck there.
During the last week wooden planks have been scrapped from the porch. I am trying to get my head around it. As Doris mentioned on a previous post 'From 2007-2009 the municipality issued a ban on gathering in Kanaleneiland-Noord to overcome problems with the youth of the neighborhood'. The porch is set to function as a roof for various activities not necessarily initiated by Expodium residents. 
To demolish it would imply complementing adopted strategies by the housing corporations which I totally disapprove. 
It's getting late and I am imagining possibilities of making the porch more attractive/accessible and 'pass' its maintenance partly in the hands of the community.

Soccer porch

I am working in my head a plan about turning the porch into a temporary mini soccer field, or even building a shooting board for the youth to aim instead of smashing the windows. 

Shooting target board

I guess I am balancing in the borderline between legal and illegal, success and total failure. 
I guess that's OK as long as my mind keeps spinning. 
After all it's just daydreaming in the middle of the night.